Adatte Design

We are an industrial design studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Creating and producing objects since 1991.

Our services

All the steps from the idea to the finished product. Logistics and shipping of your product, after-sales.

Production from limited to large-scale

●  WATCH CASES & PACKAGING. We have been doing watch cases and packaging for more than 25 years.
●  GIFTS. And many other promotional products.
●  DECORATION. For points of sale, pop-up stores, events.
●  DISPLAY STANDS. For watches and other products.
●  ACCESSORIES. For watches or any other technical devices.
●  GREETING CARDS. And all things printed.
All the above according to your specifications, or from an original concept created by our design team.
Since 1991, production is made in China, operated by our joint venture in Shanghai. Other production sites are located in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic.
Quality control is processed twice : first in the production site, then if needed, in our sheltered workshop in Switzerland.

On the computer

●  CAD and 3D modeling (SolidWorks, Rhino 3D…).
●  High-end, realistic 3D rendering.
●  Post-production.
●  Photo retouching.
●  Graphic design.


In addition to sketches, illustrations or 3D renderings, we are able to provide on very short notice prototypes and even single production pieces for validation before the final industrial production phase.


From metals to fabrics, papers, leathers and recycled materials, we have a very wide choice of materials and know how to work with them. We are in constant search of the newest and best materials and have a large sample library available in the studio.

Research and development

R&D has always been in the core of Adatte Design. We strive to offer the most original and unique products. For many of our projects, we have created and patented systems, designs and concepts.

In-house 3D printing service

Our studio is equipped with the latest professional 3D printers. A resin-based printer for extremely precise, small objects and another that uses FDM technology to print large, technical pieces in any kind of material like ABS, PP, PLA, PEEK, TPU, wood, glass fiber or flexible materials.
3D printing