From the idea to the finished product. Including mass production, quality control, logistics and worldwide shipping of your products, after-sales. Adatte Design SA is dedicated to offer our customers a turnkey service. Learn more in the sections below.
Innovation and R&D has always been in the core of Adatte Design. We strive to offer the most original and unique products and to fit our client’s brand identity in the same time. We think different and outside the box to create new ideas. For many of our projects, we have created and patented systems, designs and concepts.
• Watch cases & packaging
Luxury, sustainable, innovative and ecodesigned watch boxes, travel watch cases, watch pouches and watch rolls, complex watch cases, gift boxes. Packaging design, development and production is one of our core expertises.

• Shopping bags
Large and small with cotton, polyester or rubber handles in any kind of papers and finishes (embossing, offset, UV print).

• Display stands
For watches and other products.

• Promotional objects & POS accessories
Coffee cups, bracelets, drinking glasses, spoons, magnifying glasses, steel enamel mugs, watch trays, watch supports, keyrings, caps, mirrors, brochure holders, and many more.

• High-tech accessories
For watches and other technical devices.

• Visual merchandising, decoration
Sculptures, murals for points of sale, pop-up stores, events.

• Writing instruments
Bespoke pens from regular to high quality finish.

• Mechanical art objects

• Greeting cards
Animated greeting cards (electronically, optically), 3D embossed greeting cards, and all things printed, bespoke chocolate-shaped greeting cards.


All the above are bespoke products made according to your specifications, or from an original concept created by our design team. In small, medium and large-scale production. We have our joint venture in Shanghai, offering privileged direct access to manufacturing of goods, without any intermediaries, as well as strong and historical partnerships with other production sites in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic.
Adatte Design has more than 25 years of experience in supply chain. This is a summary of our logistics management capabilities, all done internally for our customers.


• Receipt of consolidated orders for mass production

• Receipt of orders from different markets as per customer request and direct contact with the respective market managers

• Manufacturing follow-up with the factory and information to clients

• Quotation for freight transportation including all logistics costs
– Cost of goods transportation optimization (urgent shipment versus consolidated)
– Customs tariffication and customs clearance
– Insurance management
– Interface with forwarding agents and transportation bookings
– International trade compliance
– Import/export licenses and permits ex-China
– Management of power of attorney and/or importer of records

• Invoicing to the different markets
– Transportation document management (AWB, proforma, bill of lading, packing list, etc.)
– Multi currency invoicing management
• Product & Indutrial Design

• Art Direction

• Research & Development

• 2D CAD technical drawing and 3D modeling (SolidWorks, Rhino 3D)

• High-end, realistic 3D rendering

• Graphic design, photography, photo retouching

• 3D printing (with filament or resin)

• Supply Chain / logistics

• Quality control

In addition to sketches, illustrations or 3D renderings, we are able to provide on very short notice prototypes and even single production pieces for validation before the final industrial production phase.
From metals to fabrics, papers, leathers, plastics and recycled materials, we have a very wide choice of creative materials. We are in constant search of the newest and best materials and have a large sample library available in the studio. Our library include an extensive variety of cover fabrics, recycled or water-repellent, papers and leathers for packaging.
Our studio is equipped with the latest professional 3D printers. A resin-based printer for extremely precise, small objects and a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printer to print large, technical pieces in any kind of material like ABS, PP, PLA, Nylon and more.