Cloisonné Flowers Watch Winder

Beijing cloisonné culture has a history of 700 years. In Beijing, we found one of the few artisans who works exactly the same way as during the Ming Dynasty. They accepted to collaborate with us, so we decided to create a piece with a modern twist, yet inspired from the patterns found on antique Chinese vases, in which flowers were a recurrent theme. This first piece was to « test » the technique and for internal research and development. The complex technique consists of welding tiny walls of copper onto the surface and fill the resulting “cavities” with enamel. It goes in a kiln at a very high temp and is finally polished after cooling. We chose a watch winder shell as a base, the Swiss Kubik, designed by our studio in 2007.

Medium: Cloisonné enamel on gilt copper. Dimensions: 110 x 107 x 110 mm.

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