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FLATBX® The Original Foldable Watch Box

Internally created and developed for our own R&D department in 2019, our patented FLATBX® eco-friendly foldable watch box is a word first in the watch and luxury industries. It has been awarded and appeared in the most prestigious press articles, like the New York Times (read here). It has been presented and adopted by one of the biggest watch brands. Made from 100% rPET material. Its function helps towards a better sustainability effort to reduce negative environmental impact during transportation and storage. Its main function is the possibility to quickly unfold it and lay it completely flat.

We always thought that watch boxes in general are too big, chunky and out of fashion and after different discussions with retailers and end customers in the industry, our thoughts were confirmed: watch boxes take too much space in the storage, a vast majority of end clients are bothered with the size of their watch box. It’s following these observations the FLATBX® foldable watch box was born.

This page presents various designs and studies of our FLATBX Watch Box.