Haricot, The Aluminum Bean Pen

Haricot, the original Recycled Aluminum Bean Pen and its innovative accordion cardboard packaging. An iconic design and concept. One of the first product created by Adatte Design in 1996. Sold in Swiss International Air Lines fleet at the time under own Adatte Design’s brand ‘Copyrite’. Made in Italy from recycled cast aluminum. Recycled brown cardboard packaging made in Switzerland. The original concept of the unique ‘accordion’ layered packaging and recycled aluminum concept is often copied today, boasting the eco-friendly trend.

How to refill your Bean Pen

We are receiving a lot of e-mails of proud Haricot bean pens owners and we thank you for your support! The pen is discontinued and we do not plan to relaunch a production at the moment. We do not provide refills as the reference used in this pen is also discontinued. However, for those who want to refill their Bean pens, we suggest the following method : Get the B3 reference refill from StarMinen (similar style and dimensions will also work), remove the old refill using pliers, enlarge the hole of the pen body using a power drill with a metal bit ø 4.5 mm for 5 mm of depth, insert the new refill. Use epoxy resin glue if refill do not stick well by itself.