dessin adatte kubik snakes

Snakes Watch Winder Special Edition – Adatte Design X Swiss Kubik

The SNAKES winder is inspired by the ancient Greek mythology of Medusa by Perseus expressed in the famous painting by Caravaggio. The painting depicts the severed head of Medusa, a monster described as a woman, who had countless venomous snakes in place of her own hair. The legend also says Medusa had the power of turning to stone anyone who glanced at her, it will be the same for a thief who would dare stealing your beloved watch from the SNAKES winder!

Our SNAKES winder is all made by hand using the die cast moulding technique from original sketches and sculptures (shown above) by Adatte Design creative team. The snakes are from the family of vipers, one of our favorite.

Designed and produced by Adatte Design. Powered by Swiss Kubik. Adatte Design is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for Swiss Kubik watch winders.

Purchase from us directly or from Swiss Kubik. Available from selected watch retailers in Switzerland and abroad.