SwissKubik Travelbox, the first travel watch winder

The story between SwissKubik and Adatte Design studio started a very long time ago. In fact, the original SwissKubik watch winder as you know it today has been created in collaboration with Adatte Design.

SwissKubik approached us to create a completely new product : the very first travel watch winder.

The first of its kind, this watch winder has completely been re-think for the modern businessmen and women who are in constant travel. The design and technology are patented internationally.

Possibilities of customisation are infinite : from the inside and outside lining material to the label and everything in between. With recycled leather, recycled PET fibers fabrics or any material you may desire. Designed and produced by Adatte Design, inside technology by Swiss Kubik.

More info : https://www.swisskubik.com/
Photos courtesy of SwissKubik.