55® Nixie Time Zone Clock V2

Created to display the time in five different time zones simultaneously, the Nixie Time Zone V2 is a unique kinetic table clock that will make you travel around the globe. The time is displayed using new, genuine “Nixie” tubes (numerical indicators) made by hand in Germany in the 60s. These gas-filled tubes have a lifespan of more than 20 years in standard operation and have become almost impossible to find today. Invented and designed in our studio in Lausanne, Switzerland, this table clock is entirely Swiss Made by the same workshops that manufacture components for the most prestigious Swiss watch brands.

The Nixie Time Zone Clock V2 is made from the highest quality materials and machining technology. Almost each component is processed more than one time in the same machine to obtain an incredible level of detail. Many of the components are finished by hand : the brushed and polished finishings or the orange enamel painted letters (similar to “cloisonné”), which requires utmost precision and skill. Discover more photos on the manufacturing of this clock from our Instagram here.

Most of the components are treated in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) in three colors : light grey, dark grey and blue. PVD is a high-end coating used for luxury watch components, medical tools and aerospace technology. The body, which is milled from a solid aluminum cylinder, is anodized in a unique bronze-grey color that was formulated just for us.


The body and its components are milled from solid aluminum and brass. Screws are made from steel. Nixie tubes are originally made with various materials comprising ceramic, mica, different metals and a glass dome coated with a red filter for better legibility. Feet under the body are made in moulded black rubber.


A Z560M tube we dissected. There are about 50 components inside these 3 cm bulbs : 2 mica sheet insulators, 10 etched steel sheet numerals, 1 fold steel sheet, 1 glass dome red coating, 1 glass socket with 13 metal pins, 1 mica sheet bottom insulator, 2 ceramic rods, 1 honeycomb shaped steel mesh, 22 rings ceramic insulators.

Additional machining processes, finishings

Some edges have been chamfered, the body has thin grooves milled one by one all along the length and is finished with fine glass bead blasting giving it a satin surface. The back of the clock shows a solid laser-engraved aluminum identification plate that also has the serial number. Function buttons are machined from brass. A cosmetic, thin ”shadow” gap has been milled all around the front plate. Almost all components finished by hand.


The rotating drum is finished by hand through multiple processes to obtain a perfect piece.

Specifications & Customization

Limited edition of 100 pieces. Dimensions : 330 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm. Weight : 4,5 kg.

Designed by Adatte Design for our own brand “55”. The clock is patented worldwide. Comes in a dedicated packaging designed and produced by Adatte Design containing : a user manual, a certificate and a pair of microfiber art handling gloves.

The original edition comes exactly as pictured in the beginning of this page with the drum engraved in orange enamel and programmed with : GENEVA, NEW YORK, LONDON, HONG KONG, DUBAI.

Customization : You’d like to have your hometown in the engravings? The rotating drum can be customized with any other city, language or any other word upon request. Different enamel colors also possible.

Super-LumiNova® : We now offer the engraved text with Super-LumiNova® instead of original enamel color upon request. This special pigment, the very same that is used for watch dials, is also applied by hand. With this option, the clock can be read in the dark.

The Nixie Time Zone V2 is now up for sale online from our retail partner MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei.


Engraving of the cities. A temporary magenta coating is applied to protect the piece during this process.

Examples showing different customized engravings (Arabic, Russian, Chinese, different towns, peoples names, etc)