Cathode Ray Tube Clock

The cathode ray tube : a miniaturized atom collider. For decades, the cathode ray tube (CRT) has been used to display images on television sets and computer monitors.
The CRT is a vacuum tube made up of a heated filament and electrons which, when subjected to a difference in tension create an electrical field accelerating the electrons, deflecting them against the screen coated with a phosphorescent substance that lights up under the effect of the hit. The expulsion trajectory of the electrons is made possible by the presence of an anode powered by high voltage.

Passionate about obsolete and vintage technology, we found in Germany an exceptional and very limited new old stock of cathode ray tubes and decided to give them a new life, mixing together these one of a kind tubes with modern design and high-end manufacturing technology. These particular CRTs were made to use as oscilloscopes back in the days and they were manufactured in West Germany by Telefunken. The base was the most complex piece to manufacture and was milled out of a solid aluminum block, while the other components are machined in solid pieces of brass. All the components are made in France, near La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.