Skull Watch Winder Special Edition – Adatte Design X Swiss Kubik

A unique and exceptional piece inspired by Baroque Art and biker culture. The frame is machined from solid brass pieces and soldered together to create a cube. Decoration on the sides and the top (skull and flourishes) are made using the metal casting technique with tin alloy. The surfaces are polished, plated in grade 900 silver, hand-finished using a special patina then an invisible varnish is applied for protection. Signature engraved on the back. Stands on 4 silicon feet. Completely hand-made and sculpted from original sketches by Adatte Design. Made in Italy. This beautiful objet d’art hides the most advanced technology and electronics all engineered and made in Switzerland. Used by the most renowned Swiss watch brands, this winder will protect and keep your beloved watch on time. Think of it as a watch stand too. Also available in a mirror polished finish version, like pictured above in last image.

Designed and produced by Adatte Design. Powered by Swiss Kubik. Adatte Design is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for Swiss Kubik watch winders.

Purchase from us directly or from Swiss Kubik. Available from selected watch retailers in Switzerland and abroad.