Environment & Sustainability


Adatte Design SA has always been in the forefront for sustainability, starting in the 90s with a series of design objects in the theme of nature, like the recycled aluminum bean pen, using a novelty packaging made of fold brown recycled cardboard, that can be recycled after use. Throughout the years, we always offered our customers sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the manufacturing and materials used in the products. Maritime shipping is privileged over air freight in order to reduce carbon emissions and costs when possible.

Eco-friendly luxury packaging


It’s been more than 25 years that we create sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions long before it has reached the hype it has today. The last 10 years, we specifically developed innovative eco-friendly, plastic-free and sustainable solutions for luxury watch and jewellery packaging. Some of which have been adopted by brands in search of a greater focus on sustainability. Contact us directly for more information.

Recycled materials


We strive to offer recycled and/or recyclable materials in our products and shrink packaging as little as possible, especially for large orders, to reduce and save on shipments. We are in constant search of the newest recycled materials and have a large sample library available in the studio. Our library include an extensive variety of cover fabrics, recycled or water-repellent, papers and eco-leathers for packaging and more.
Explore some of the fabrics we offer in the image gallery on this page. Our selected fabrics have been lined on boxes to test their look and feel on a packaging, and also to help choosing the right fabric for our client’s projects. Our fabric library includes materials made from recycled bamboo fibre, recycled tires and windshields, pineapple leaves, recycled nylon, post-consumer PET drinking bottles (rPET), hemp, bio cotton, recycled paper and many more. Browse a selection of successful projects created with our customers using recycled materials here.
  • Haricot, The Aluminum Bean Pen.
  • Rubber from recycled tires.
  • rPET : the second life of a post-consumer PET bottle.