ADATTE DESIGN – cartes de voeux009

3D Embossed And Faceted Portrait Greeting Card

The cheerful portrait of Swiss watch designer Eric Giroud says “hello” to you when you open the letter.

We sculpted the subject using 3D polygon meshes, then translated it into a bas-relief, deep and multi-level embossing brass tool with its negative resin tool (see images below).

On the reverse you got one red Pantone offset print, then the other side is blind-embossed on a semi-wood, semi-synthetic fibre paper with vellum finish allowing extreme depth for embossing technique.

We were running out of time to make tests and I was first sceptic on how the ink on the embossed reverse will react and the printer warned me about it, but I finally said “let’s go” and surprisingly the result was just great. This is exactly what I wanted : a link between Eric and his wish message.

For the text, I’ve redrawn my favorite style of Nebiolo’s Neon typeface taken from a 1940 catalog and turned it into a typeface with the letters needed only.