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Spikes Watch Winder Special Edition – Adatte Design X Swiss Kubik

Adatte Design X Swiss Kubik SPIKES Watch Winder is a unique luxury reinterpretation of the best-selling Swiss Made watch winder on the market. Using the Masterbox model from Swiss Kubik as a base, it has been crafted using cowhide genuine leather. The leather is studded with custom-designed spikes. Each of the 151 spikes is screwed by hand one by one. The winder stands on four smooth truncated cones. Our signature is embossed on the bottom. Choose from 5 different leather and spikes color combinations. Collection designed and made by Adatte Design. This beautiful objet d’art hides the most advanced technology and electronics all engineered and made in Switzerland. Used by the most renowned Swiss watch brands, this winder will protect and keep your beloved watch on time. Think of it as a watch stand too.

Designed and produced by Adatte Design. Powered by Swiss Kubik. Adatte Design is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for Swiss Kubik watch winders.

Purchase from us directly or from Swiss Kubik. Available from selected watch retailers in Switzerland and abroad.